What is Sicet

Sicet (Tenants, House and Territory Union) is an organization that began its experience in the 70s in some urban areas, thanks to union operators and leaders near to CISL and ACLI, for defence and affirmation to house right and to live in.
It has been affiliated  to CISL since 1997 in order to represent in the best way the needs of tenants.
Concerning with the last three years, Sicet had 121.715 members in 1996, 107.272 members in 1997, 105.148 members in 1998, and 116.642 members in 1999; in addition it defends and represents more than 4,5 millions CISL and ACLI members.
It contacts and organises more than 300.000 familiars living all over the national territory, thanks to 110 territorial structures with 20 regional and one National Secretary that has its headquarter in Rome, with legal, control and data screening functions.

In  particularly Sicet provides

Every activity takes place in all Sicet seats.
Every family can join Sicet, in particular CISL and ACLI members can do it paying a reduct fee


What you can find in this website (in Italian):


 How Sicet settles and works


In particular Sicet works and offers advice to its members:


Sicet is always at your disposal. It is enough to connect to this Site or to call 0039-6-4958701 or 0039-6-4958736 (9.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.), fax 0039-6-4958646, to know where is our nearest office, where it's possible to receive any kind of assistance and information.


Sicet Nazionale
Via Carlo Cattaneo, 23
00185 - Roma, Italy